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debt elimination

Debt Elimination

You’re probably aware that most banks compile the majority of their earnings by charging interest on loans they grant to customers like you. That means you should of course, always seek the lowest possible interest rate on San Diego realty, especially on a long-term loan like your mortgage. The interest that you pay a bank over the course of a 30-year loan can be considerable, and it can amount to nearly half the cost of the principle, or even more.

Any good real estate company in San Diego knows that the percentage of your overall monthly mortgage that consists of interest is known as the ‘interest volume’. Even if you have a very low interest rate, it’s entirely possible for your interest volume to be 50% or more of your entire monthly mortgage payment. That means you might very well end up paying the bank hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments, while you’re trying to reduce that total mortgage amount.

Debt Elimination Services

Realtors in San Diego also know that you’ll be in debt for those 30 years, and you’ll probably lack the financial freedom to do many of the things you’d love to do with your family. All those family vacations will have to be put on hold, and all those extra purchases for the home will have to wait, until either your income gets elevated, or you find some unexpected way of paying down on your debt. As a boutique real estate firm in the region, Avenue3 can offer you Debt Elimination Services to good advantage, freeing you from crushing debt much sooner, and allowing you to have more freedom financially.

Our Debt Elimination Services can change this whole picture dramatically. Even without you earning no more money for the entire duration of your mortgage, we can help pay that mortgage off sooner than scheduled, AND we can help make your money work for you, to put you in better financial shape right now. Our dynamic method of debt elimination can actually pay off as much as 70% of your total interest, thereby allowing you to keep a lot more of your money in-pocket, or using it for legitimate household expenses.

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How Debt Elimination Works​

How Debt Elimination Works

Our approach to debt elimination involves having you startup a Money Max Account. This is a unique kind of account that considers all your debts and all your income, and calculates the fastest way to a debt-free situation. In essence, the Money Max Account is an online information system that provides personal and financial advice to steer you through all the obstacles of your financial life. Because all your financial data is gathered in this one centralized location, it will be possible to use the most advanced and effective banking strategies to accomplish your financial goals at the very earliest opportunity.

Similar to the way a GPS device guides you through traffic and helps you avoid any disruptions, the Money Max Account acts as your financial GPS to guide you around all the pitfalls of the wonderful world of Money. You’ll learn the fastest way to get all your debts paid off, and then start accruing wealth for you and your family. That in turn, will allow your family to take that occasional vacation, or to make another necessary purchase like a family vehicle or a much-needed household renovation.

By drastically lowering the amount of money you owe, the Money Max Account will redirect money you would have paid to a bank in interest, back into your own account where you can put it to use. It’s entirely possible that over the course of a 30-year mortgage, you and your family might save hundreds of thousands of dollars on interest, and instead use that money for your own enjoyment and your own lifestyle.

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Understanding your financial choices and their consequence

If you were overweight, but you had an omniscient calorie-counter that could tell you the impact of every snack you ate, it might help you avoid making bad choices. That way, whenever you reached for an extra donut or cookie, your calorie counter could tell you that it will lead to you gaining a certain amount of extra weight. Having this kind of instant feedback might do wonders in helping to keep you on track with your dieting, and to make better choices about eating only healthy foods.

The Money Max Account serves that same kind of role, but from a financial perspective. Any financial choice you may be considering can be added to the account, and then you’ll get an instant visual depiction of how that expenditure will affect your long-term finances. For instance, it might tell you that by purchasing a new living room set, your Financial Freedom date will be delayed by two years. In that case, you’ll be in a better position to understand the long-term consequences of making such a purchase, and you’ll be able to decide whether that’s something you’re willing to do.

This should motivate you to stay on track, because you’ll see at a glance how much disruption an unplanned purchase can have on your finances, and how long you’ll be paying on it. It literally has the power to look into the future and determine how much your financial situation will be impacted, and how much longer you’ll have to work to get debt-free. Most people have never had access to this kind of Silent Advisor, which points out the advisability of making almost any kind of financial move, so you’ll know how badly it impacts your future, and ties up any cash you might have.

We strongly recommend that each of our Avenue3 clients consider starting this kind of Money Max Account, because it can actually serve as your roadmap for years, guiding you to make only the most important and necessary choices. For the immediate time frame, it will help make your mortgage much more affordable, and those monthly payments will be far easier to manage than they would be under ordinary circumstances.

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