Boutique Real Estate Brokerage

There are more than a few boutique real estate brokerages in the San Diego area, and this stands to reason, given the fact that there is quite a lot of real estate in the area that needs to be bought and sold. A boutique real estate firm like ours has to be able to distinguish itself from the crowd, and we do that by having over 50 years of combined experience as San Diego realtors. Dealing with San Diego realty requires that you use MLS for San Diego, so that property listings can appear in multiple places to reach as many readers as possible.
We do use this MLS service, so you can expect that your home will be listed throughout the city and beyond when it comes time to sell your property. Our boutique real estate brokerage is geared toward achieving results, so that’s what you’ll get from us rather than a string of excuses. In terms of volume, our real estate boutique may not be as large as some of the giant real estate firms in San Diego, but we like to ensure a successful outcome with each client we take on with our boutique real estate brokerage.

The biggest and the best

Avenue3 Realty may not be the biggest realtor in the San Diego area, but we like to think we’re the best. Because we limit the number of clientele we take on, we are able to provide full service and great attention to detail for all our clients, and that approach has served us well over the years. When you’re dealing with boutique brokerage real estate, it automatically means you’ll be collaborating with a smaller team, but our small team has the experience and knowledge that you’d only expect to find with some of the Big Teams in real estate.

Let us help you

We can provide more care and attention to your buying/selling initiative than most of the bigger real estate firms, because we purposely limit the number of clients we take on, so as to be more effective with the clients we do have. Instead of trying to serve too many clients and providing lukewarm service to each one, we keep our client list down to a manageable level, and try to provide as many useful services as possible. From start to finish, we try to tackle each one of the tasks associated with buying or selling a residence, so you can accomplish your objectives in the shortest possible time frame.

Contact us

When you’re preparing to buy or sell property in the San Diego area, contact us so we can help you get wherever you need to go. We’ll provide whatever help you need to find that dream home in a community that appeals to you, or we can help you sell your current home so you can move on to the next phase of your life. Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in real estate, we can help you get there and we can make the whole process go much more smoothly for you.